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Popularity of 5-year fixed mortgage rates. A further breakdown of mortgage terms shows that an additional 8% of mortgages have terms exceeding five years, while 26% of mortgages have shorter terms, including 6% with one year or less and 20% with terms from one year to less than four years.

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Finding the lowest rate could save you a lot of money – our 5-year fixed rates in BC now average less than 2.5%, while bank-posted 5-year fixed rates average over 4.5%. On a $400,000 mortgage, the average difference in rates would result in over $100,000 of savings over the life of your loan.

Here’s how to get the best mortgage rate: 1. Improve your FICO credit score. Your three-digit credit score can be the difference between getting a low rate or being hit with more costly.

Mortgage rate comparison. compare mortgage rates with other banks and lenders using our mortgage rate comparison chart below. All rates are updated daily and are for Canadian residents only. Find the best residential mortgage rates in Canada* Tip: Click any two mortgage rates to compare typical payment amounts & interest.

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Best Mortgage Rates Bc – We have refinancing calculator that could help you to get all the information regarding the possible win of refinancing your mortgage. Another reason that people look at refinancing to shorten the term of the loan.

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Best Mortgage Rates Bc – If you are no satisfied paying a high interest rate on your loan debt – than consider refinance your loans and see how much you could save up.

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"We expect housing market conditions to remain buoyant while mortgage rates remain so low; further rate cuts are looking like an outside bet at best," said Tim Lawless, RP Data National research.

The popular mortgage choice has a fixed rate. Fixed mortgages have stable interest rates for the term of the mortgage. This stability makes budgeting and planning easier and more predictable. This stability results in the fixed mortgage being the preferred choice for most homeowners in BC.